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Contagion by Robin Cook

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This is a novel based on the medical background. A very intelligent team of criminals who are also the class one in the field of science, their uncommon ways of crimes, a fight by an equally intelligent but virtuous man who is well aware that he is playing with his life, and the beautifully woven facts presenting yet another novel full of suspense, maintaining the status of the well known author Robin Cook. In the well known Manhattan General Hospital at New York, patients start dying suddenly with some unknown, undetectable infectious disease. The Chief Medical Officer and the main doctor in the autopsy department Dr. Jack Stapleton is baffled with the findings after postmortem. What is this infectious disease? Influenza? Plague? Tularemia? Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? What is this disease? How come the long eradicated viruses have found their way again? And that too in the posh and modern hospital of New York? Have these viruses occurred naturally or is someone doing this intentionally? Jack sets himself up on the task of finding the culprit behind these mishaps. National Biological… Frazer Lab, the frozen Eskimos in Alaska, what is at the base of all these? A novel full of dramatic situations, it will make you held your breath. This novel makes you realize that these medical mishaps can take place anywhere all over the world.

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