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Chitre Aani Charitre by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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A postman, collecting a variety of stones, designing the layout of the palace, and later constructing it on his own…The agricultural life of a farmer in France…A penned down portrait of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh …P. B. Bhave, a person of many qualities… with his wit, naughtiness, persistent nature, happy go lucky attitude and many more. He is so very pure at heart. Here is an attempt to portray him, trying to capture all those worthy features…Jane Goodall, the brave primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist…George Schaller, American field biologist and author…Jayantrao Tilak who was a great editor and a hunter as well…Richard Burton, a versatile personality…Taking us through the many trails of the wild forests leading to unbound beauty of nature and many more….

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