Chinese whispers by Marisa Mackle

Chinese whispers by Marisa Mackle

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A-list parties, free champagne, celebrities - it's every girl's dream. But as Fiona Lemmon's discovering, it can all be a bit of a drag. Between being caught with her best friend's boyfriend and having to scour Dublin for a new housemate, she doesn't have the time to find material for her celebrity gossip column. If only there was someone she could use to fill in the gaps...

Enter Bunny Maguire.

Before long, sweet and innocent Bunny has been remade by Fiona into the very best of It Girls - rich, pretty, and with bags of time to spend at the right parties with the right people. But somewhere along the line something goes wrong - and Fiona discovers that, far from solving her problems, she could have created a absolute monster...

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