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Chhatrapati Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj by T. B. Naik

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Nobody would dare to exclude the name of Shahu Maharaj from the list of the great historically famous personalities. He was the leader of common man. He was a great national figure who tried and succeeded in giving the human fundamental rights for equality to all. The biographies of people like him always set a good example in front of the tender minds of the society. Today`s government aims at socialistic approach. Hence, the work of Shahu Maharaj will be a guideline to it as he worked mainly for the betterment of the `dalit`, the exploited people and the common people of the society. Shahu Maharaj`s contribution during freedom fight is discussed here in great details. His post-independent work in the fields of social, religious, financial, political, educational areas have been very important.

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