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Chhand Bagecha by Suniti Mangesh Deshmukh

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If you have a small garden in the small courtyard in front of the bungalow or door, then it feels great. So much so, even in the flat gallery, in the window grills or in a corner of the house, if you plant a spider or a flower garden, the beauty of the house increases and is lavish. But then, the question is, How to prepare a garden in space? What do you want to do? And once the garden is ready, how to maintain it properly, how to take care of it? You will find answers to all of the above questions in this book. This includes various types of garden, how to choose the plants according to the spaces, how to do bonsai, how to use fertilizer-pesticides, various types of flowering, etc. Therefore, this book will definitely be useful for nature-seekers, as well as for

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