Cheers by  V P Kale (vapu)

Cheers by V P Kale (vapu)

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Once, the Badshah announced that anyone who stands in the water of river Yamuna throughout the night will be rewarded with 1000 golden coins. One very poor and needy man did dare to stand in the water throughout the night. In the morning he came to the palace to claim his reward. The Badshah asked him, "how did you manage to stand there?` Oh! Simple, I just kept on looking at the light coming out from your palace`. Badshah refused to give him the reward. We all are aware of the story of "Birbalki Khichdi` that followed later. We all know that Birbal`s Khichdi will never get cooked in this way. Because there are limitations to the fire itself. Actually, every burning coal has a fixed temperature. It does not burn us or give us heat required. We decide the intensity of the fire. If we sit too close to it, then we end up in burning ourselves, if we succeed in maintaining the distance then it gives us required warmth without burning us. But this rule is not applicable to friendship. A person can either give you intense heat to burn you or enough heat to prass you warm. We cannot avoid the distance as we have to hold the letter in our hands or keep the receiver of the phone very close to our ear. Rajeev, doctor by profession is one such person who showers his love upon me with such intensity that the distance makes no sense at all. Once he phoned me from Raver realizing that I was feeling lonely. He said, "I know, many a times, you skip your lunch because of loneliness. Hereafter, I will write you a letter every day, just read it during your lunch and you will not feel lonely.` Rajeev kept his word. His latest letter read, "I have come from a visit just now. While on my way home, we came across an accident. All the passengers in the matador had left this world. Their bodies were so smashed that it was difficult to identify them. We crept back to our own vehicle without being able to say anything. After a while one of my friends asked, `Rajeev, if you meet such an accident with many other bodies, how would any one recognize you from others?` I answered, `simple, the body holding one of Va Pu`s books in hands will be mine.` "My dear Rajeev, we need lot of courage to receive such love. Needless to say, I was unable to eat further after reading this. Rajeev, when we are too tired or too happy or to sad, then our mind is full, we forget the basic essential needs of a body like thirst, hunger and sleep. When I receive such a letter from you, I tell myself "Cheers`. I dedicate this book to your love and affection for me.` Va Pu.

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