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Cheaper By The Dozon by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Ernestine Gilbreth Carey (Mangala Nigudkar)

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This a biography based on Mr. Frank Gilbreth written by his daughter and his son. It is very interesting and entertaining, you cannot leave it aside unless and until completed. Mr. Frank was an engineer. He was always busy in finding out various methods and ways to save time, and to utilize time at its best. He always tried out the solutions on his children. His ways included utilizing time while doing daily chores. He taught his children the French language by making them listen to the cassettes while taking bath, his children mastered the language. The film based on this was shown in the theaters of America many a times then. Many families were benefitted by his ways of utilizing time wisely. People were astonished by the innovative ways of his teaching. I firmly believe that this book with its innovative methods will be immensely useful to all the families here.

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