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Chaughijani by Louisa M. Alcott (Shanta Shelke)

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`Little Women` was published first in the year 1868, it was written by the famous American author Louisa May Alcott. It was a best seller. It was translated in many languages. Hollywood used the theme for two of its movies. `Little Women` is the story of the March family; especially of the four sisters namely Meg, Jyo, Beth, and Amy, in America. These characters are based on the original author`s real sisters. This story is very touchy and magnificent. We get involved in it with the other characters, the old, handsome neighbour Lawrence and his equally handsome and loving grandson Lorry. These March sisters are totally different from each other. But they love each other truly. They are very much fond of each other. This novel is become readable because of the natural aspects of a family; while reading we come across with the hopes, ambitions, happiness, sadness, their plans for future, the humour in their life, the touching and melting moments in their life; everything makes the story very common, as if it is happening in our lives, as if someone is revealing our family life. This closeness involves us more and more in the lives of March Sisters and this simplicity is the secret of the success of this novel.

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