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Chaturang (Buddhibalatil) Sapale by N. R. Vadnap

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This book consists of 80 lessons in chess played by the grand masters, revealing their exciting check and checkmates, the game which was invented in India thousands of years before `anna domini`. This game consists of 32 characters and 64 checks, black and white. The instructions are followed by simple figures.A.See the game No. 44 by Paul Murphy, under the heading, Baal Buddhibalpatucha Pradnya Deepak Dav. Paul Murphy was born in 1837 and lived till 1884. He is the first youngest grand master in the world. The game no. 44 was won by him in just 14 moves, at the age of 13. B. Game No. 47 was played by the grand master Alekhain. He played the game with his eyes tied and still he won it. The figure represents the picture of the pawns after his 14th move. Actually, at that time, both he and his opponent had the same position, still he realised the weak points timely and played accordingly winning the game in 16 moves. It is not practical to describe all the games and moves over here, but at the same time, we would suggest that you place your pawns according to the diagrams and positions shown, read the instructions and follow the guidelines to practice it. This will surely improve your game a lot, and will make you a better player at the end.

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