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Chala Janun Gheu Ya Yashasvi Vivahacha Kanmantra by Unknown

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Everybody is doing it everywhere in the world- getting married. So you might be pardoned for thinking that it's all in a day's work for you: your grandparents were married; your parents were married; you are married; so your children will eventually marry… and live happily ever after!? This delightful book will make you sit up and realise that there is more to marrige than meets the eye.Dada J.P.Vaswani's approach to the topic is, as always, through, systematic, practical and holistic. He talks about the Hindu ideal of marriage, the great value attached to the grihasta ashrama as it is called. He draws our attention to the spiritual aspect of marriage and tells us hoe we may evolve towards self realization in partnership with our spouse.The nitty gritty of daily life is not neglected either. Look out for the 10 Commandments of A Successful Marriage found in these pages. They are Dada's unbeatable, inimitable practical suggestions that will help you make a success of your marriage!

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