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Chakachi Khurchi by Naseema Hurzuk

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She was a girl of 14 may be 15 years, like all others of her age, busy in playing, dancing around, enjoying her life, full of joy and enthusiasm. One day, without any signal, falls sick with the back pain and is stuck to the wheel chair as a paraplegic patient. In the beginning, her life is shattered, but eventually, she decides to overcome her illness, she emerges through it as a new personality, Nasima Hurjuk. She is a lady with a very sensitive mind. Today, she aims only at the betterment of the disabled. She takes care of the disabled; she gives them affection, helps to make life tolerable for them, makes them independent, and awakes their self-respect. She sees dreams, she has visions but she does not forget the facts of life. She pursues her dreams with the help of her wheel chair. `Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur`, is the institution she has established. It covers many areas like hostels, training centers, gas agency. Today, the sphere of her activities is increasing. She has been felicitated by many awards; one is the `Fi Foundation`. This is the autobiography of a very stubborn lady in a narrative way and is full of honest words having the ability to present the clear picture in front of our minds.

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