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CEO chya Cabinmadhun by Girish Walawalkar

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Dr. Girish Walavalkar`s book `C.E.O chya Kebin Madhoon...` elucidates the impact of economic developments on changing lifestyles, priorities, and  way of thinking of a common man.  Continuous expansion and development of various orbits is the constant feature of the universe. This holds true for industry, technology, economics, politics, social structure as well as for our individual personal life.  In last few years , the world  especially India is changing economically, politically and socially  with a speed and accerelation which was never imagined before. These  changes are influencing common man`s life directly. His life style, priorities and concepts are  changing drastically.  `C. E. O. Chya Kebin Madhoon...` provides a guideline to adapt to these changes and in turn  improve the quality of life. At the same time, it also explains the need of keeping our roots intact to achieve lasting mental peace in the the world which is becoming more and more commercial and pragmatic day by day.

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