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Business Maharaje by Geeta Piramal

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Ambitious Ambani with his multi dimensional personality; Rahul Bajaj, conquering the heights in the field of Scooter production; Ramprasad Goenka acquiring many companies one after the other; B. M. Khaitan with his huge empire of tea-gardens; Bharat and Vijay Shah, sparkling in the field of international diamond market; Aditya Birla building the network of factories; and Ratan Tata, giving a new look to the towering empire of TATA; this book has them all, the 8 greatest Indian super tycoons. This book is the graph of their progress, a study of their progress. But at the same time, it does not concentrate only on the financial aspect of their empires. It is not an audit report of their financial transactions or their profit and loss account. On the contrary, this book reveals the lively secrets of their success. It describes the internal secrets of the conflicts in the board rooms, the struggles, the checkmates, the strategies and the tactics. It also brings into light the description of their success where other industrialists had failed. The stories of their accomplishment are lined with their courage. They will encourage us and amaze us.

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