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Bridging the Gap By Rajendra Barve

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Is your child going through the most crucial and sensitive phase called 'teenage'? do those regular quarrels amongst you and your son/daughter sometimes set your home on fire? And then do you find managing your son's or daughter's anger more difficult than controlling a disaster? If yes, then this book is just for you! A popular psychiatrist Dr. Rajendra Barve explains how a teenage phase is one where the relation between parents and teenager is twisted and at the worst,due to several reasons. The main reason behind it is, during this phase a child goes through rapid hormonal changes and at the same time parents are in their 40s,means facing similar hormonal changes which may result in taking them to little depressing or frustrating mode. That results in extreme reactions from both sides resulting in lack of proper communication between them.Hence, both parents and children need to understand each other better and restore proper communication amongst them. This book deals in detail with the factors like physical /emotional changes in teenagers,relation between parents and their wards, emotional quotient or lack in that, negative and positive way of communicating in the same situation, SWOT analysis...etc There are just few simple communication tricks that can re-boost a child-parent relationship, which one can learn through this book. Dr. Barve has written this book mainly to help out pissed off parents, but even teenagers will enjoy reading it as it includes cartoon caricatures that explain how to control day to day 'crucial' situations!

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