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Bonsai by A. B. Patil

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Can we plant the auspicious banyan tree in house? A few years back, people would have laughed over this idea, but the art of Bonsai found by the Chinese and nurtured by the Japanese had made it possible. Through this art we can raise the various plants with the characteristic features inside our house. The art of Bonsai is now well recognized in India. People have taken a great interest in it and practicing it with skill. This art gives happiness and a sense of satisfaction too. Bonsai is not just a miniature of the original tree; on the contrary, it reflects the true nature of its ancestors. Many a times, bonsai is more attractive than its natural form. Bonsai helps us to bring nature in house. It entertains the tired mind. Practice bonsai in your leisure time and be close to nature, always, in house.

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