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Bhutacha Janma by D. M. Mirasdar

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These ghosts can be found absolutely anywhere. Nobody can swear and say that they are not found in suchandsuch place. They are certain to be found haunting the ruins of old wadas, wells, and cemeteries. The Hadal lives in wells, and she moves about in the guise of a beautiful woman. The munja is sure to be found on a peepul tree. And of course the pimparni, banyan, and neem trees attract large groups of ghosts, just like monkeys. They are quiescent during daytime, and their day begins after dark. Then one can encounter them anywhere and in any guise. It is said that their feet face backwards; but this is not always true. On nomoon nights they definitely prowl about. To be seen by them, or even talking about them on such occasions is most dangerous!

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