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Bhumikanya by Anand Yadav

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The stories in this book are all of a common woman whom we see often everywhere. These stories reveal the truth about her, the facts which are surprisingly intense, yet these stories are very meaningful and artistic. A girl child is a burden even before she is born. She is exploited at all the modes of life. No one seems to celebrate her birth, on the contrary, every single brick in the house mourns on her birth. This especially, worries the mother of such child. In a lifestyle, where scarcity is in ample, then all the women members of the family from the oldest to the youngest have to face the insufficiency, the scarcity, and the psychological and physical torture it brings with it. The society treats the male gender and the female gender differently. Under no circumstances, the woman can be the one to carry the name of her heredity. Rich or poor, a woman is always an outsider in her house, in her family, at her inlaws place, in her parent's house. She is treated as a servant, as a slave either directly or indirectly. Nobody believes that she has her class, caste, opinion, mind, etc. She is always considered as a downtrodden, she is always ignored. The society takes a pride in using her for its various desires. She is used to satisfy the lust. She is used for getting work done. She is used for raising the family. The society stands on her efforts. While doing so, the society decorates her with different ornaments under the name of vice, virtue, holy, sinful, lawful, and unlawful. The stories here are a result of all the feelings and concern for a woman who is naturally a prey to all this.These stories shade light on the drama, pity, struggle, poetry, injustice, negligence, torture, pain, trouble, exploitation, etc. We come across the images which are full of feelings, the dialogues which are very meaningful, the various aspects of the language, the different angles of narration, the perfect sequencing of the words, etc. All these aspects make the stories very lively and true. They affect the reader with the truthfulness. They impress the minds deeply. All these stories represent the pain of a female mind as never before.

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