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Bhulbhulayya by V. P. Kale

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This collection of stories by Va Pu is mainly a fantasybased. Since last 20 years, Va Pu has been writing. All his past stories with a common base of fantasy are included under this title. They give us the message to enjoy life in today`s world in a sugar coated way. whatever conditions we are, in whatever situations we are though. The whole credit goes to the sweet cover and not the fantasy. Va Pu has the ability of capturing people with his teasing words full of humour. The style he uses is that of a narration, which creates interest in reading these stories adding to the pleasure. Va Pu believes in the goodness of a mind. He is scared of the controversies of life; at the same time he is sure that destiny has some plans for everyone. That is why he enjoys glorifying the characters, the incidents unknowingly strengthening the foundation of hope in a human mind. His writing awakens the faith in life once more making us love our life, enjoy our life, and live our life. What else does an author need?

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