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Bhokarwaditil Rasvanitgruha by D. M. Mirasdar

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God only knows what Sadoba’s idea was, about running a business! One has to constantly come up with new ideas to increase the number of customers, make different plans, have an attractive décor in the shop; but these thoughts never occurred to him. Of course this was not through any fault of his. The village environment was like that. All shopkeepers were identical – idols cast from the same mould. They followed the same pattern – set up shop, wait for customers, and strike a deal with them if they enter; and if no one turns up, just laze about. The trend was to do nothing actively. In those days the village was completely untouched by modern sales skills. The result was inevitable. After a few years the tide of good business and plenty, receded. The number of customers went on falling. He fell on really difficult times… Finally Sadoba Nevaskar died a hungry pauper!

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