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Bhogale Je Dukkh Tyala by Asha Aparad

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My existence was denied not after I was born, on the contrary it was denied before I was born. I was neglected throughout. I was cursed with many words, often, always. I was hold responsible for the things which I had not done, in which I was not involved in any way. My own mother was the one who harassed me; she never took pity of my tears, my pleadings. She trampled my hopes, feelings, rights, privilege; whatever she could and took a pride in that. For her, my life was not a life, it was a thing, which she could use as and how she wished, and she practiced it, always. She even pledged me for her happiness, for her satisfaction. My life was actually pledged in her hands. I realised my slavery, strongly. I wanted to come out of it; forever. I kept on encouraging myself, `Asha, you have to come out of this, now or never. Do not let the life flicker out of you, come on, strive, struggle, set yourself free.

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