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Bhartiy Swatntry Ladhyatil Stirya by Nawaz B. Modi

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The work the women undertook during the freedom fight was a bit extended form of their usual work. But a few of these women were not satisfied with it, they threw off the limits of the traditions and stood against the secondary position offered to them. They mixed their roles as nationalist and feminist. They did not want any post or power, they served their motherland unselfishly. They gave a new dimension to the national freedom movement on regional and national level. This called for the enthusiasm on a wide level, regional as well as state. The hurdles of location, class, caste, gender and religion were overcome fast. It also underlined the devotion of people in the light of equality, social justice, secularism, and nationalism. This same devotion then was sipped through to the core of every Indian and gave a boost to the concluding national freedom movement.

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