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Bhandarbhog by Rajan Gavas

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`Devdasi`, a prey fallen to the traditions and culture. But there is one more prey fallen to these hideous traditions, `jogtya`, his life is worse than that of a `devdasi`. We come many such `jogte` in the rural areas who have been offered to the gods. `Devdasi`s` life is much better than that of a `jogtya`. She can at least get in relationship with someone, through the traditional `zulwa`, she can be a `rakhel` of someone. If she dies, then people gather to complete the last rituals for her, she gets a place for her pyre somewhere. But nobody comes to complete the last rituals for a `jogtya`. He is considered to be untouchable even after his death. Alive or dead, he has to befriend only with the darkness. He is not allowed to see the light at all. He is also a man, a normal man, but the rituals and traditions take away everything from him. This novel is based on this theme. The hero of this novel expresses himself by saying, `when I was offered to god, I was no different than you people, I had everything just like you, but I was crushed under the offering and over the period of time, I also did not realize when I lost my being me. The life of each and every `jogtya` resembles my life in all respects. How much I try to tell this to all, but nobody wants to believe me, I have only words, no other proof to show, all I have is rags! The author has very successfully presented the life story of `jogtya` through this novel. He also presents the life-style of other tribes such as Chaundkya, jogtinee, etc. This novel makes us think about these tribes and their traditions. It makes us think about them as human beings.

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