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Betrayal by Paul Carson

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Dublin’s Harmon Penitentiary is Europe’s most dangerous jail. Dr. Frank Ryan is in charge of looking after its inmates. It’s a risky job — the last doctor was murdered — but for Ryan it’s also an exciting challenge. Early one morning, Ryan receives a phone call. It’s the jail. He’s needed right away. Kissing his girlfriend Lisa goodbye, he leaves his high-security apartment and walks straight into an ambush. This may be it for Ryan. Coming to, Ryan finds himself in what he assumes is a hospital. But something isn’t right. Why does his nurse lock the door behind her and why hasn’t Lisa come looking for him? Is Ryan now a prisoner? Overwhelmed by confusing and contradictory evidence, Frank Ryan’s investigations lead him to the penitentiary’s most secure section, J Wing, and the mysterious inmate incarcerated there…

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