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Belwan by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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All over there was an excitement in the atmosphere…. All around the progress work had caught momentum. One village built a school, the other constructed a road while yet another constructed a dam. This initiated Anna Vani with an exclusive idea. He persuaded all to construct a bridge on the river Belvan in their village Hiwra. The villagers could not digest the idea of the bridge over the river but they agreed upon tiling. Much consideration was given to the amount required and the contribution expected. All of a sudden, Bhima Vastad dropped a bomb. He said that whosoever constructs the bridge will suffer lots of adversities. Hearing this each and every member preferred to stay in the background. None came forward. Actually, this work would have benefitted each and everyone. Then why did not Bhima and his company did not approve of it? Why did they oppose so strongly? Did it benefit Bhima or did it prove to be detrimental? Belvan is the most perfect example of those selfish mentalities who often take pride in obstructing the progress works…

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