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Banjaryache Ghar by Yashodhara Katkar

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"A house, a definite form given to space by man. Humans built houses on earth and started residing in them. Since then, our dwelling has had a special place in our minds. The strong relation between a house and a person has ever since been present strengthening in each era. For the sake of protection, man first built a clay house. To protect the soul, man considered his body as the abode. Since then, the soul has been supporting the body. The house has always helped to sustain on earth whereas the soul has helped to remain firm. Without house and soul, a person becomes helpless. Hence, a human mind always seeks a house and the soul. A house envelopes us from within and from outside. Hence a house has extremely important place in our life. Likewise, the images of house are vital for us, be it our physical surrounding or our imaginary world. (An excerpt from ‘Gharachi Adipratima ani Natsamrat Madhil Ghar’-Prof. Gangadhar Patil; Natsamrat-Samiksha-Edited by Prof. G. T. Patil) "

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