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Bandhara by Shankar Patil

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Weir. "Who is there in your house?" "Do you possess any land?" "Do you believe in God?" "Look at these clothes for the baby, these frocks, these caps. The baby was born after a long time, naturally, we must make this occasion special." "Have some laddu. Mother has especially made them for her daughterinlaw." "Wait a moment. Let me show you a novel item, worth seeing!" He took out a big merry go round. It had plastic elephants, horses. While rotating it brought immense affection in the eyes of the owner. Seeing this, the fellow traveller`s eyes also became wet. He took out his hanky from his pocket, wiped his eyes and said, "You are so enthusiastic!" Throughout the journey for 23 hours, the fellow traveller watched this astonishingly. But now traveller stopped talking, he lost all his strength, he was not able to utter a single word, as if his tongue was tied up. His luggage became unbearably heavy for him now. Who died? How was he related? Whom was he related to? He felt the pain. He was choked with emotions. He started sobbing uncontrollably. He stood there for some time. He thought through his sobs and then with a heavy mind started walking forward. Had a weir burst?

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