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Bajind by Ganesh Maanugade

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Bajind is a historical novel with a special element, that of secret. Sakharam, the Karbhari of Dhangarwadi, leaves for Raigad. He wants to meet the mighty Shivaji Maharaj. During this short journey, they all luckily meet Khandoji, a great fighter and a skilled detective. Our trio is not aware of Khondaji’s qualities. He promises a meeting with the mighty king. This book also has many angles. The daughter of Shirke Sardar falls in love with Khondoji. The rivalry between Shivaji Maharaj and Shirke is very well known. Shirke is also a rival of Kadamb. Bahirji Naik, the greatest detective of the time and the core part of Shivaji Maharaj’s intelligence department, attacks the Shirkes. There is also a fight between Baji and the Moghul Sardar Husenkhan. Baji is well aware of the language of all living things including plants, animals and birds. At the time of his death, he shares his knowledge with Bajind, his disciple. The novel consists of many such twists and turns. It keeps us stuck to one place. The incidences penned down have their own speed. They do not allow us to linger anywhere. We get carried away with the plot, the story, the scheme, the presentation, the words, the vigour, vitality and valour. Through this book, we get to know more about the witty Bahirji Naik and his Intelligence Team. It also helps us to realise how well-established was the Swarajya. Bajind is a novel which would break many barriers in our minds. It allows us to take a peep into history and learn more about the bravery of our own soldiers and their strong patriotism.

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