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Astitva by Sudha Murty

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मुकेशचं आयुष्य तसं अगदी सुखासमाधानात चाललं होतं, अचानक एक वादळ उठलं. झंझावातासारख्या आलेल्या या वादळानं त्याचं आयुष्य पार बदलून गेलं. एक बळकट कौटुंबिक बंध अचानक तुटून गेला... कोण होता तो? मानलेली नाती खरी की, रक्ताची नाती श्रेष्ठ? अशा अनेक प्रश्नांचा शोध घेता घेता त्याचा स्वत:च्या अस्तित्वाचा शोध सुरू झाला. प्रख्यात कन्नड साहित्यिक सुधा मूर्ती यांच्या विवेचक लेखणीतून साकारलेली उत्कंठावर्धक कादंबरी
Mukesh was leading a normal life, happy, contented. Suddenly, there appeared a storm in his life. The storm was like a hurricane. It shattered everything, it changed everything related to his life. It actually changed his life. Till then he was strongly and firmly tied up to his family. But the storm broke the very cord that had tied him to his family. Who was he? Which relations were real? The blood relations or the relations which were built up? He set for a journey in search of answers to these questions, in a way, he was trying to find out answer to his being itself. A very longing, exciting novel by Sudha Murti, the famous Kannada author, in her elucidating style.

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