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Asmita by Suryakant Jadhav

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Asmita Fursungikar, daughter of an Indian Army colonel is kidnapped. Police officer named Sanjay Patil is assigned job to find her out.Malad river, Jahagirdar Report, Mushee Katayar, Mritunjay Yajna, Gharpuri Island, Iradi Goddess, the mystery at the cellar in the Alibaug Fort.From Mumbai to Alibaug Fort in the search operation Sanjay stands before Siddhipurusha Sarpraj Maharaj of Aghorpanth. To face him Sanjay had to take help of Shri Gurumani from the spiritual world. And then starts, the bloody battle. Who is Sarpraj Maharaj ? Who is Shri Gurumani ? And who is Mangaokar Vakil, Who started all these events? Did Sanjay succede to extricate Asmita in bloody breathtaking battle? Hair raising, dramatic, fast, literary work!!!!!

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