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Ashru by V. S. Khandekar

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This 20th century has presented the world with many things good as well as bad, but the best of all is the importance given to the common man, making him uncommon. What is life? It is a combination of human beings common as well as uncommon 99% are common, only one percent of them are uncommon. Till today we heard only from these one percent people, they were kings, saints, philosophers, poets, scientist, heroes... They presented their sugarcoated talks and cheated the common men. They killed the initiatives of every common man. Still, the common man was striving with all his strength to safe guard the cultural values, the only support for humanity. The hero of this novel is a common man. He does not have any exclusive qualities, he does not succeed in doing something exclusively good but he hesitates to do anything bad. This is an outstanding novel by Khandekar expressing the pains in the life of a common man.

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