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Apan Mansat Jama Nahi by Rajan Gavas

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The stories by Rajan Gavas have the new dimensions of the 80s. They express the new mode in women`s lives. They reveal the changes in the thoughts and expressions in their lives. Most of his stories have the rural background and while creating the picture of a rural life, he does not ignore a single aspect of it. He very minutely describes every detail in his stories. He succeeds to present the mentality of the whole village as such. He expresses the lifestyle of a farmer, his relations with other members of the society, the new politics, the caste system, and every such aspect related to a social life. Over the period, the rural life is also changing. It is also practicing the modern ways of life. During these last three decades, the whole of Maharashtra is experiencing changes; the modern urbanization is spreading towards the rural areas, invading it swiftly. While presenting this in perfect style, the author is giving us a warning that this will in term harm the previous values and morale of the ruralites. All these stories constantly have the urbanization at the core of their culture. Randhir Shinde:

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