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Apalya Purvajanche Vidnyan by Niranjan Ghate

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The Power of Pyramidst, Atom bombs, Aeroplanes in the times of the Mahabharat, Whether our gods were the persons coming here from the other planets? are typical questions definitely asked during Science lectures. The lecturer tries to reply these definite questions according to his ability and capacity; He says all this is humbug. However, whatever he has read is useless, he dare not admit. After 1965, books mentioning that most of the science that we see and experience today was invented and discovered long before by our ancestors. The book by George Adanski contains all the topics mentioned above. People who believe in these books, are not ready to believe in those who are actually doing deep research in this field. They are studying the things that are found in the excavation very carefully. So, really speaking, we should believe in these scholars (Egyptologists, archeologists, polyetologists etc;), as they have evidences and proofs. How and why? All this is included in the two books under review viz. Our Ancestors and Their Science` and `Our Ancestors and Their Technology` written by Shri. Niranjan Ghate. Shri. Ghate is a writer not only in Marathi but also in English. A post graduate (M.Sc. Geology) of Pune University, he has lot of professional experience of being an editor of about 10 scientific well known magazines. He has been a member / advisor to many Govt. educational institutes and AIR, Pune Center. He has been awarded many awards by Scientific and govt. agencies. Out of his 97 books, 28 books have been published by Mehta Publishing House, Pune. His two books mentioned above are good evidence of his scholarly knowledge. It seems that he has taken strenuous efforts for everything.

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