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Ankrahit Shunyachi Berij by Dinkar Joshi

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Vrajmohan, a very young man from a village in Saurashtra, comes to Mumbai, in search of livelihood. He has no acquaintences, no money, no place to stay and can afford very little food. The only plus point are his willingness to work extremely hard, very honest nature and an inborn shrewd business sense. Starting on this ‘capital’, within a few years, Vrajmohan becomes Sheth Vrajmohandas. He now has many plus points in his life a very caring and goodnatured wife, two children Veena & Avinash and owns three big business firms. But there is one thing which is always pricking his conscience. Unknown to his wife, he has given solace and shelter to a sensitive, good hearted woman, who has suffered untold misery because of her magnificent beauty. When Avinash grows up, he hurts his father’s feelings by cheating him and lying to him, because he wants a larger share of the father’s estate. The hurt father start withdrawing himself from the business. The father and son have different ideas about what real happiness lies in. Prateep And Purvi, who are the children of Avinash & Rupa, have ideas about wealth and morality which are immensely shocking to their parents also. They do not believe in having a sense of morality in order to achieve huge fortunes. What happens in the end? The Zeroes go on increasing in the figure of wealth as it grows, but what about the number of one, which precedes the zeroes? Do the zeroes mean anything if that number vanishes?

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