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Andhalyache Dole by Ved Mehta

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Ved Mehta was born to a Punjabi doctor. At the age of four, Ved suffered with conjunctivitis and lost his vision. He became blind. Vision is the most important of the five sensory organs. When it was lost, Ved`s life became dark. All the roads to his progress were blocked. But Ved was born with extreme intelligence. His thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. He enrolled himself at the Blind School at Dadar, Mumbai. He completed his primary education there and then approached many American Universities for further studies. At last, he succeeded in enrolling himself in one of the American Universities. He faced many problems but overcame all. He completed his education there. Today, he is a well known journalist in America. This present book is the translation of his autobiography `Face to Face`. It is distinct and is interesting. It touches not only your mind but also your soul. It is much more attractive than a novel and much more touching than a poem. This is a story of extreme passion for knowledge, terrific confidence, and fierce infatuation to live.

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