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Anahat by Swati Chandorkar

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“Indeed, it is not fundamental that the son of a king should become a king himself. Look at us. The great sage Vedshastri is our father! But we, his two sons… could we follow his steps? One has studied the Vedas and is training young minds for the same while the other… What is he busy in? He is roaming aimlessly with his flute. The son of the great Vedshastri has devoted his life to music.” “The one who understands science but fails to judge people is nothing less than a dim-witted person. Haven’t we both learnt it? The only difference is you teach it to others while I practise it myself.” ‘The principle of soul!’ What will it be? Does my mind and dialect not understand it? Of course, I understand it, feel it. I am completely aware of it. The principle of my soul is ‘swara’. I do not know what my goal in life is, I do not know how to achieve it but the ‘swaras’ rip me apart. I cannot study this. For me the study is ‘swaras’ of the music maestro. The clouds have fallen apart. The sky is crystal clear, the sun rays are penetrating my unbeaten mind deeply, making it transparent like the pure ‘swara’, carrying me with it to the unbeaten.

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