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Amrut Panthacha Yatri by Dinkar Joshi

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We all are very well familiar with the great poet and the Nobel Prize winner, Ravindranath Tagore; the writer of our National Anthem. This book is based on his life. Ravindranath had a very sensitive mind since his childhood. He had to face many a deaths since his childhood. This included his mother, brothers, brotherinlaw, sisterinlaw and so many others. This had made him introvert. He had realized that death was not a foe but it was like a friend, a true one, who relieves one of all the pains and sorrows forever and takes to a universe full of joy and content, away from the distress faced on earth. His poetic mind absorbed the beauty, serenity and the calmness that death held. Since his childhood, he preferred to be aloof. This allowed him to pen down his thoughts into words and then lines. As he wanted to hide his identity, initially, he wrote in the name of Bhanu Singh. It was his sisterinlaw who was his inspiration. Her untimely death was a blow for him. Her death and the work that he had to do was what made him much more mature. His life was not that of a common man. He had a dream in his mind and he strove hard to achieve it, to fulfill it. He established Shanti Niketan School, a noble attempt, first of its type. He was a lover of the various forms of Arts. He himself was a master of many of these Arts. This gave him an opportunity to meet a variety of people, in land and in foreign countries as well. He was the first Indian to be felicitated by the Noble Prize, many such felicitations followed. Yet, all his life, he found himself to be very lonely, he preferred it that way………

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