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Aik Sakhe by V. P. Kale

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This is the twenty fifth book of stories by Va Pu. It is unique in its setting, it is based on the concept of Arabian Nights, each story ends in the beginning of yet another story. Va Pu has handled novels and dramas; he also has handled the biography and autobiographical forms, yet his base is that of a story writer and to be precise that of a storyteller. His writing reaches its peak, is in full bloom, is in this form. His stories are always meaningful and sensitive. But when he presents them himself, then these stories appear to be full of feelings, freshness, energy and vibrancy. His unique presentation gives certain depths to many a words said, many a sentence presented; sometimes showing compassion, sometimes style, sometimes affections and sometimes melodrama. None of the characters are special or unique; they all are representatives of common men and women; yet it is his presentation that reveals the greatness of small people and meanness of great people. His writing has beauty, simplicity, flow and a prance.

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