Agatha Christie - Towards Zero

Agatha Christie - Towards Zero

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Agatha Christie- Towards Zero is a classic work of detective fiction. Lady Tressilian is an old and grim woman, who is now an invalid. She invites an odd set of guests to her seaside home at Gull's Point during the summer. Nevile Strange, tennis star and former ward of Lady Tressilian's deceased husband, earns her disapproval when he brings his former wife, Audrey and his new wife Kay to visit at the same time, making things awkward for everyone.

An unexpected turn of events puts all the guests in an even more unusual situation. Lady Tressilian is found murdered in her bed and everyone is a suspect. Superintendent Battle and Inspector James Leach are called upon to investigate the murder. In the course of solving the mystery, Superintendent Battle soon finds himself lost in a web of lies and deceit where no can be trusted. Evidence is absent and everyone appears guilty . It is up to James to find the real culprit.

Agatha Christie- Towards Zero is a thrilling suspense novel which keeps readers guessing until the end. The book was published by Harper in 2002 and is available in paperback.

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