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Adam by Ratnakar Matkari

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Varad, the main character of Adam. This book reveals his journey throughout this life. In a way, it is almost similar to any man’s journey, thoughts, acts and beliefs. This novel is in a way the graph of his complete lifecycle, right from the beginning. At his young tender age he is very much curious about the other gender, but his curiousity is never satisfied in a proper way. When he attains maturity, he is ruthlessly used by grown up yet unsatisfied females. He himself falls in love whereas Shyamala marries him not for love but just for convenience. Later, she remarries with her own first love. This leaves Varad in a very sad state of mind. His shattered mind turns to Prema. He gives unconditional shelter to Prema and her children who later asks him for her share in his property. Lastly, he seems to find solace in Nirmala’s company. But this does not continue for too long. Once again, Varad is left all alone in this world, loveless…………

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