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Accidentally In Love by Nikita Singh

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Accidentally In Love is a tale of passion and love which is set in the fashion industry of India. The author uses her bold style to write on a topic which is considered taboo by most Indian authors. The story is sensuous and exciting, fit for the modern society in which it is set.

The story of Accidentally In Love revolves around Chhavi Mukherjee. She is a model, who has managed to navigate through dark waters of the industry and secure a place for herself as a reputed model. Just when she feels that nothing could go wrong with her life, fate decides to throw a few surprises in her path. Apart from the cut-throat competition which she has to encounter on a daily basis, she comes across Tushar, a successful photographer, who sweeps her off her feet. What ensues is an erotic relationship where sparks fly. The two of them are flooded with desire at first sight. It’s a relationship that is based purely on the passion that the two souls share for each other. Chhavi does not believe in love and so a relationship with no-strings-attached suits her just fine. She believes that a relationship without commitment or plans for the future, based on just passion, is for the best.

As the story continues, Chhavi finds herself getting more and more attached to Tushar and she begins to enjoy her relationship for more than just the few moments of passion.One day, when Tushar leaves for work, Chhavi starts missing him and realises that she has grown fond of him. Find out if Chhavi is able to confront Tushar with her feelings.

Accidentally In Love is a masterpiece which shows that in the end, love always triumphs. It emphasises on how those fleeting feelings of lust always give way to the everlasting joys of love. The book was published by Penguin India in 2014 and is available in paperback format.

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