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Aboli by V. S. Khandekar

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This is a collection of 11 stories written in the 30th of the 20th century. Each of the story reflects one feeling or other. Human life is made of various feelings. Jealousy, love, hatred, faith, humour, happiness, sorrow, greed, content, contempt... Khandekar has described a few of these. His 1st story "Suwas`` starts with friendship, takes a turn on jealousy and ends with faith. The name suggests this faith, "Suwas`` is fragrance. The 2nd story once again deals with richness of mind. It makes us understand that the power of mind conquers over that of money. "Taicha Photo’ reveals the sweet and innocent nature of her brother making him realise his mistakes. "Rajkavi` relates the distinction between god, nature and man. "Khadkatala pani` reveals that even the so called downtrodden have a soft mind than that of the so called sophisticated ones. "Pahili Chuk`` punishes the hero for his mistake in a very dreadful way. "Aramkhurchi`` is a story which unfurls the rudeness that comes with richness. Manifests the falseness of words, where as "Don Gulam`` is a story of a couple where both of them are slaves to their habits.The last story is "Swapne`. Here the newly married couple realises that eventhough the world is ever ready with poison they both have amrit nectar, love for each other and that is the utmost important thing in life.

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