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Aandhali by Catherine Owens Pearse (Shanta Shelke)

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Helen Keller, the name is very familiar to all. She represents the perfect image of confidence and ambition; she was determined to face the destiny, her will was never defeated by destiny. We are lucky that the nature has bestowed us with 5 senses. It is through this senses that we contact everybody and everything. Helen Keller was not among those lucky one. She had only two sense organs. Nature had deprived her from her ability to hear, to see and to speak. Touch was the only medium through which she could establish contacts with anybody. But apart from touch, she had one more quality. She was extremely optimistic. She had immense determination, and she had an ability to work effortlessly for hours together. With the help of these distinguished character she conquered over all her disabilities, she gave a meaning to her life. While doing so she did remember the other members of her community. She opened a door to knowledge, advancement, progress for the blinds, deafs and dumbs all over the world. The story of Helen Keller, striking, thrilling and inspiring.

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