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Aamar Meyebela by Taslima Nasreen

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This book presents Taslima Nasreen`s childhood in her own words. "Muktivahini` in Bangladesh fought bravely and ultimately for the freedom, Taslima was just 9 years old at that time, but had a very sensitive and contemplative mind then. She had a penetrating gaze and sharp memory. Her father was very intelligent but was deviated. Her mother was very loving and religious, but slowly she became blind in the name of religion. Her brother loved her immensely. She was sexually harassed by her own relatives, she carried the shame and insult with her throughout her life due to it. She also witnessed the atrocity by Peer Amirullah in the name of religion. Very boldly, she has put all this into words. Her words are brave and honest. Till now, we have published five books by this same author, they are; Lajja (novel), Phera (novel), Nirbachit Kalam (stories), Nirbachit Kavita (poems), and Nashta Meyer, Nashta Gadya (stories). This new book is a narration of her experiences, they all are very genuine. All the characters are true, not even a single one is fictitious. No one in Bengal has dared to write with such honesty and vividness. Her sharp and bright language has an aura around it. She has characterized each one very lively. Her pen has a majestic touch. Her writing has a rhythm in it. All these qualities make this autobiography an astonishing journey.

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