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Aalekh By Ranjeet desai

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This is a collection of short shories based on rural life. The urban people often feel that the rural life, the village life is very calm, quiet and peaceful. From a far distance if we try to judge it, then this will be our first impression. But if one goes closer to find out what lies behind this calm and quiet village life then one`s beliefs would be shattered. The village life also has tremendous ups and downs; its own turmoil. It takes place anywhere, on the "chawadi,` on a river bank, in a hut, on a farm, on a hill top, among the trees.. We see a variety of mentality among the villagers. They are smart, cunning, sweet, innocent, rarely rich, mostly very poor, optimistic, pessimistic, believers and nonbelievers in god, many a times they have blind faith in things around them. Their life is incomplete without nature and animals. They are superstitious. They have a desirous, a loving, a caring, yet an indifferent mind. They suffer, they care, they love, they hate... they deal with urban people. They live their life contently. They are blended harmoniously with the nature and their cattles. Ranjit Desai has very successfully pictured all these fine qualities in his various stories. Each story makes us think in an unique way.

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