A Practical English Grammar  Thomson A. J.

A Practical English Grammar Thomson A. J.

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A Practical English Grammar is an intermediate level grammar guide. It is structured to provide practical illustrations of usage. It is a complete guide of grammatical forms and structures. All the concepts are clearly explained with examples. Advanced sections have been given special attention so that students can easily understand the principles of grammar. A Practical English Grammar now contains additional content on various topics. The differences between formal and informal usages are explained, and many basic topics like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs receive more coverage. The index section is very comprehensive and contains references to significant structural words.

A.J. Thomson is from Ireland. She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin University. She has taught English in Spain, in Poland and she has also conducted English classes for adults in an ILEA College in London. Agnes V. Martinet is from Scotland. She has a masters degree in languages from Edinburgh University. She has had sufficient experience teaching English to people from different parts of the world and has also taught English in Spain for 2 years.

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