A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway

A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway

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Popularly regarded as one of the best books to be borne from World War I, A Farewell to Arms is a poignant and unforgettable semi-autobiographical story of an American. This American volunteered for ambulance service in Italy, and the book is about his love story with an English nurse.

Written in a first-person account, the protagonist, named Frederic Henry, falls in love with Catherine Barkley, and their budding relationship in Milan is told. When Catherine gets pregnant, Fredric is being held by the battle police, who are interrogating soldiers for possible treachery. Eventually, Fredric escapes, gets reunited with Catherine, and the pair relocate to Switzerland on a rowboat. The poignant romanticism of this novel has often been lauded and even today, A Farewell to Arms shines with an intensity unrivaled in modern literature.

Hemingway volunteered on the Italian front in 1918, and was wounded and decorated twice for his services. He depicts war in a frank and brutally honest manner, and delves into the human psyche wherein emotions like love, compassion, immense courage, and unflinching bravery are put at the forefront.

This edition of A Farewell To Arms was published by RHUK in 1994, and is available in paperback.

Key Features:


  • A Farewell to Arms was first published in 1929.
  • The novel has also been adapted numerous times for cinema, stage, radio, and television.

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