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A Colossus Named Vivekananda Whose Mission Awaits Completion by Romain Rolland

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With Vivekananda started the rdiscovery of ndia and her journey in afast emerging new world.His appearance at the platform of the paliament of Religions in America in1893 was an event that shook the whole west with his persolity and message of human unity through Advaita-which started scholars like Max Mueller and Paul Deussen,and a little later writers and thinkers like Romain Rolland,who undertook to do whatever he could to spread the new ideas in the educated wirld.His mission for his own country was also clear:to eradicate the widespread hunger and poverty and awake the nation fromit's millineum-long slumber.But both the missions remain incomplete and are awaiting our attention in the present times,especiallyof the new generation.Vivekananda's life is also a study of Indian culture-it's strong as well as weak points.

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