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80/20 Management by Julie-Ann Amos

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How to improve your business effectiveness by 400%. The famous Pareto's Rule states that 80% of results we achieve come from only 20% of effort. The remaining 80% of what we do adds up to just another measly 20%. By identifying that all-important 20% on which to focus, you will immediately improve your effectiveness by a huge 400%. This book shows you how to use 80/20 management and where to apply your effort for maximum results, minimum stress and multiplied job satisfaction: What 80/20 management is all about; How to use 80/20 time management to delegate sensibly; 80/20 problem-solving and decision-making; 80/20 recruitment and training; 80/20 teamwork for superior overall performance; 80/20 people problems and change management. Ways to get rid of the 80% of tasks and activities that are a distraction and drain on your precious time and energy.

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