201 Ways to Turn Any Employee Into a Star Player by Casey Hawley

201 Ways to Turn Any Employee Into a Star Player by Casey Hawley

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Transform problem employees into top performers

The constant complainer. The office gossip. The sloppy worker. Sooner or later, every manager has to confront problem employees like these--and it's imperative that the result is a win-win situation. Now there's a breakthrough guide that provides over 201 strategies to effectively change behaviors, boost performance, and make every employee in your company successful.

Perfect to use with performance reviews or as soon as a problem arises, 201 Ways to Turn Any Employee Into a Star Performer arms you with proven solutions for dozens of common workplace problems--everything from excessive smoke breaks and lack of initiative to tardiness and low-quality work. Consultant Casey Fitts Hawley's unique approach replaces harsh discipline with positive, goal-oriented tactics that will turn your failing staff members into star team players. Featuring winning interventions designed for today's employees and workplace, this guide equips you with succinct, easy-to-implement plans for transforming problem behavior and achieving lasting change. You get the tools you need to:

  • Identify problems before they become serious
  • Develop the art of constructive feedback
  • Create goals for long-term performance excellence
  • Help employees take an active role in their turnaround
  • Understand which problems need to be managed and which ones don't
  • Deal with defensive reactions from employees
  • Foster discussion in group conflict situations

Don't wait for the next performance review. Use the tested techniques in 201 Ways to Turn Any Employee Into a Star Performerand set your organization on the path to stellar performance--one employee at a time.

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