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20 Minute Tandurustisathi by Dr. Shelly Batra

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An essential and practical guide to everything you need to know about fitness How do you find the time to exercise? What is the most suitable exercise programme for you? How do you assess your fitness level? How should you choose a gym? How do you set up a gym at home? What exercises should you do if you are pregnant? What exercises should you do if you are suffering from heart disease, asthma or diabetes? How do you keep fit when travelling? Do you know the language of fitness? This accessible and informative book shows you how to solve your specific problems to achieve the fitness level you have always longed for. The interactive questionnaires and evaluation tests help determine your goals and programmes, and detailed exercise plans for every situation make it possible for you to find exactly what you need. Whether your goal is weight reduction or bodybuilding, whether you have never exercised or whether you are looking for ways to benefit more from your present exercise regime, Dr Shelly Batra explains the medical theory behind fitness and the practical ways in which to achieve it so that you can make positive choices to improve the quality of your life.

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